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captain beefheart / don van
              vliet - frank zappa - 'bongo fury' collaboration era
the captain and a frank host, both in party dress

1958/75 captain beefheart GUEST APPEARANCES with FRANK ZAPPA
1975 BONGO FURY full guest:
2cd various artists * 'sweet mary aid'
ecd frank zappa * cheap thrills
mc/2cd/cdset frank zappa * you can't do that on stage anymore (vol. 4)
album/cd zappa - beefheart - mothers * bongo fury
lp/mc zappa - beefheart - mothers * live in concert at armadillo world headquarters austin, texas
[plus several compilations]
1969 willie the pimp vocal:
2lp frank zappa * 2 originals (of...) / double dynamite
album/cd frank zappa * hot rats
9lpbox frank zappa * the old masters box two
lp frank zappa * ratas calientes
lp frank zappa & the mothers of invention * frank zappa and the mothers of invention
[plus several compilations]
1969/75 other contributions:
ceedee frank zappa * the lost episodes
3lpbox/2cd frank zappa * thing-fish
album/cd frank zappa * zoot allures
album/cd frank zappa & the mothers of invention * one size fits all
[plus some singles and several compilations]
1969/75 track combinations:
[several sets and compilations]
special 1958/64 pre beefheart (don vliet / 'the soots'):
ceedee frank zappa * the lost episodes
lp/cd frank zappa * mystery disc
lp frank zappa * the mystery disc box one
7lpbox frank zappa * the old masters box one

captain beefheart discography -
              scattered works - various artists 'blue collar' soundtrack
              - promo elpee - lp

1977/78 captain beefheart GUEST APPEARANCES with OTHER ARTISTS
1977 lp/cd the tubes * now
1977 5cdbox the tubes * the a&m albums
1977 2cd the tubes * young and rich / now
lp/mc/cd various artists * blue collar (original motion picture score)
2005 ceedee various artists * blues beat 0.2
elpee various artists * dance floor disaster
1978 singles various artists * hard workin' man
1978 ceedee various artists * hard workin' man (the jack nitzsche story - vol. 2)
2016 elpee various artists * songs the cramps taught us - volume 6

1975/80 don van vliet GUEST ART WORK
1980 single eazy teeth * eazy teeth
1978 ceedee bruce fowler * ants can count
1975/77 elpee l.a.f.m.s. * blorp esette
1975/79 4cd l.a.f.m.s. * blorp esette collector's edition
1977/79 elpee l.a.f.m.s. * blorp esette - vol. 2 for guitar players
1977/79 elpee l.a.f.m.s. * blorp esette - vol. 2 greatest hits
1975/79 10cdbox l.a.f.m.s. * the lowest form of music
1975 lp/cd znr * barricade 3
1975 4cd znr * znr(chive box)

'CLOSE COUSINS' the relatives

captain beefheart discography - 'the magic
                    band' reunion- cd 'back to the front'
2001/13 the MAGIC BAND

2003/04 cd+dvd 21st century mirror men
2003 ceedee back to the front
2003/04 veedee live in concert & crow's milk
230514 veedee magnetic draw
2lp/cd oxford, u.k. - june 6, 2005
160313 veedee singing through you
ceedee the magic band plays the music of captain beefheart

1975/76 MALLARD spin-off
1976 single harvest
1976 single harvest / green coyote
1976 elpee in a different climate
1975 elpee mallard
1975/76 ceedee mallard / in a different climate
1976 bootleg ceedee one day once
captain beefheart discography - spin-off 'mallard'
                - two-on-one cd mallard / in a different climate


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