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captain beefheart

- technically known as -
originally started as an
old-fashioned newsletter in august 1996 and began lightning the cyberverse on 6 november 1997
which makes it the oldest active beefheart web site

no doubt you wonder who's the lunatic who tries to stay this crooked way?
well, i admit i'm theo tieman - you can call me teejo - and yes, of course i'm dutch!

if you want to encourage me or complain about the spilling of cyberspace just drop me an e-mail....

captain beefheart / don van vliet- 'electricity' website - teejo mask replica
teejo mask replica, 16 february 2004

this site is independent, as well as free for everyone. i promise i will never hug e-firms sneakily tracking you or sponsoring me...
by the way, you can only find me hére, as i don't need social media to be happy.

so, if you like what i do:


but maybe

you have a piece of beef to donate?

such as interviews? pictures? concert reviews? memories?
don't wait!

captain beefheart electricity - captain beefheart waiting for contributions

or do you want to
help me with this one-man mania
by adopting a chapter? doing translations?

who's translating foreign language interviews
captain beefheart / don van vliet painting - gorillacrow 1990 oil on canvas
painting of gorillacrow by don van vliet
1990 - oil on canvas - 63 x 72 cm

don't hesitate!


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