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BONGO FURY 1975 vinyl

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captain beefheart - zappa / beefheart / mothers - bongo fury (live 1975) - front cover lp usa
original sleeve without titles...

includes two ORIGINAL van vliet COMPOSITIONS !

- A -
debra kadabra 3:54 live
carolina hard-core ecstasy 6:02 live
SAM WITH THE SHOWING SCALP FLAT TOP don van vliet 1973 2:50 live
poofter's froth wyoming plans ahead 3:06 live
200 years old 4:34 studio
- B -
cucamonga 2:24 studio
advance romance 11:20 live
MAN WITH THE WOMAN HEAD don van vliet 1973 1:29 live
muffin man 5:37 live
41:16 minutes
- outtake -
the torture never stops (original version) 9:16 live
live = 20 or 210575 performance

captain beefheart - zappa / beefheart / mothers - bongo fury (live 1975) - blaok and white lettering of titles
two half examples of the titles

the BAND
DON VAN VLIET captain beefheart * harp * vocals ** shopping bags
FRANK ZAPPA * lead guitar * vocals
amongst others the 'mothers (of invention)' consisted of future magic band members
BRUCE FOWLER fossil / old hat * trombone * fantastic dancing
DENNY WALLEY feeler's rebo / walla walla * slide guitar * vocals

-------------------- ALBUMS

  • ZAPPA / BEEFHEART / mothers * BONGO FURY live in concert at armadillo world headquarters, austin, texas, may 20th & 21st 1975 (plus selected studio wonderment) front picture actually mirrored commercial bill above frank's head usually retouched
  • captain beefheart - zappa / beefheart / mothers - bongo fury (live 1975) - 'chocolate sunday' front cover lp
    the higher cut 'chocolate sundae' sleeve
    captain beefheart / don van vliet, frank zappa - 'bongo fury' press conference 1975
    and offstage it's...: cola fury

    captain beefheart - guest appearances - zappa / beefheart / mothers 'live (bongo fury)' - detail front lp argentina
  • ZAPPA / BEEFHEART / mothers * front cover: LIVE IN CONCERT AT ARMADILLO WORLD HEADQUARTERS AUSTIN, TEXAS may 20th 21st, 1975 back cover and labels: BONGO FURY [etc.] titles in white lettering and slightly different font track listing on labels mainly in spanish 'super lujo' series includes:
  • 1973 SAM Y SU CUERO CABELLUDO CHATO (sam with the showing scalp flat top) 2:50 live
  • 1973 UN HOMBRE CON CABEZA DE MUJER (man with the woman head) 1:29 live
  • argentina 1976 music hall mh 14.198 mono
  • = promo discreet white label 'disco para demostración' labels have additional 'prohibida su venta' text in red promo stamp on back cover
    = stock copy warner bros (palm tree) label lay-out completely different to promo
  • argentina 1976 cassette warner bros 3.546
  • captain beefheart - zappa / beefheart / mothers - bongo fury - label lp argentina


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    special thanks to hans-peter schmidt for his kind help

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