captain beefheart electricity

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THIS is FRANK ZAPPA AUDIO - non-zappa - video - don van vliet poetry

-------------------- ALBUMS

captain beefheart - live album 'bongo fury' with frank zappa - scattered work and guest appearance

-------------------- CDS

captain beefheart - scattered works - frank zappa 'the lost episodes' - outer box

captain beefheart - 'bongo fury' live album with frank zappa  and the mothers - scattered work and guest appearance

-------------------- compilations

captain beefheart - scattered works - various artists 'rykodisc / hannibal / grammavision spring '96 (spring loaded)' sampler

captain beefheart - guest appearances with zappa - combined collaborations - frank zappa 'ditties and beer' compilation - promo cd england 1996
captain beefheart - scattered works - frank zappa 'return of the son of kill ugly radio' promo cd
captain beefheart - zappa / beefheart / mothers - 'bongo fury' - label split elpee armed forces radio and television service (afrts)
(water damaged) label


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captain beefheart electricity
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