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captain beefheart - scattered work - anton corbijn 'the work of director anton corbijn (the directors label series vol. 6)' 2005 2dvd

captain beefheart - scattered work - 'some yoyo stuff' 1993 anton corbijn film - dvd region 1 with sticker
region 1 stuff with explanatory sticker
captain beefheart - scattered works - anton corbijn dvd 'some yoyo stuff' - don van vliet 'riding some kind of unusual skull sleigh' art set 2003 usa - plate
plate from the art set


captain beefheart - scattered work - various artists 'the directors label series box set 2 (the work of directors anton corbijn etc) - usa 2005 dvdboxset palm pictures

captain beefheart - scattered work - wim t. schippers 'televisiepraktijken - compleet' - holland 2009 28dvdboxset

captain beefheart - scattered work - wim t. schippers 'van oekel's discohoek' - holland 2009 3dvd

  • WIM T. SCHIPPERS * VAN OEKEL'S DISCOHOEK holland 'vpro' television program 'van oekel's discohoek' mono also released as part of 28vdboxset wim t. schippers' televisiepraktijken - compleet
      • 1974 UPON THE MY-O-MY studio solo playback performance [time unknown] unconditionally guaranteed 1974
      • bonus 1974 YESTERDAY (john lennon - paul mccartney) studio live solo whistle performance [time unknown] unreleased
    • holland 2009 pal 3veedee region 2 vpro [ unknown] digipak with extensive liner notes booklet narration: dutch


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captain beefheart electricity
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