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saturday 22 june 1974
holland BUSSUM teevee van oekel's discohoek studio

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playback performance

country HOLLAND medium TELEVISION date 1 august 1974

station VPRO program VAN OEKEL'S DISCOHOEK narration DUTCH

* country HOLLAND medium TELEVISION date 6 february 2000
station VPRO program WEERZIEN OP DRIE narration DUTCH
* country HOLLAND medium DIGITEEVEE & WEB dates 4, 5, 6 and 10 march 2006
station /GESCHIEDENIS (vpro) program DISCOHOEK narration DUTCH

on the re-showing (in 2000)

captain beefheart - tv program 'van oekel's discohoek' vpro, holland 1974 - playback 'upon the my-o-my' - mojo #81 010800
picture from england (!) 010800 mojo #81

this broadcast is a part of the series of repeats of the VAN OEKEL'S DISCOHOEK tv shows from 1974. the original instalments of this alternate pop music program still are vividly remembered over here as they were totally anarchistic and 'not done' (to normal people). in fact it were plays written by the locally (in)famous wim t. schippers as satires on some popular dutch top-40 programs.

unfortunately, time fails to tell more about the clumsy anchor man SJEF VAN OEKEL = dolf brouwers, the very dry accountant EVERT VAN DER PIK = jaap bar, and all the things that intentionally went wrong during the shows: telephones ringing, scenery tumbling down, hell's angels riding into the studio, turntables at wrong speed or with the wrong record, etc., etc....

to us, the most important artist who ever got lost in that chaos was captain beefheart! although he was in the middle of his unconditionally guaranteed crisis and only could produce terrible music, his performance in the program is an absolutely must see. for his singing during the song UPON THE MY-O-MY is so clearly played back - which was the usual trick by then - we'd better call it 'play beside'...

in this repeated showing we (well, mainly dútch beefheartians - i'm sorry) also can find out why and how don van vliet gets a trophy, and whistles 'the beatles' evergreen 'yesterday' ...


MIND: full report of the strange broadcast still has to be made !!!

before two official releases were brought out
there appeared to be quite a few

playback performance
unconditionally guaranteed 1974
sometimes credited as
captain beefheart - psychomania - wrongly credited track
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captain beefheart - various artists 'psychomania (the best of psychedelic rock)' laser disc
VARIOUS ARTISTS * PSYCHOMANIA the best of psychedelic rock captain beefheart track credited correctly with editorial remark time 2:56
laser disc japan 1991 ntsc videoarts valz 2806 sleeve has white frame
laser disc japan 1995 ntsc videoarts valj 3157 sleeve without frame


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captain beefheart electricity
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