captain beefheart electricity

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OTHER combinations and compilations THAN 'safe as mirror man'

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captain beefheart - safe as milk (with 9 bonus tracks) - compilation -- front cd
hey man, that's another different lettering !


captain beefheart - sampler - emi / virgin promo compilation -- front cdr

captain beefheart - sampler - emi / virgin promo compilation - plate cdr


captain beefheart - discography - the spotlight kid / clear spot (2-on-1) - album combination - front usa long box cd
long box version

captain beefheart - 'the spotlight kid / clear spot' 2-on-1 cd compilation - picture plate promo usa
the promotional picture plate


captain beefheart - album combinations - x2 (safe as milk / the mirror man sessions) - keep case 2cd

captain beefheart - zig zag wanderer (the best of the buddah years) - compilation - front cd


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captain beefheart electricity
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