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captain beefheart - safe as milk - front cover lp
hardly different, but better printed dutch sleeve

- A -
sure 'nuff 'n' yes i do 2:20
zig zag wanderer 2:44
call on me (don van vliet) 2:39
dropout boogie 2:36
i'm glad (don van vliet) 3:35
electricity 3:09
- B -
yellow brick road 2:32
abba zaba (don van vliet) 2:48
plastic factory (don van vliet) 3:13
where there's woman 2:13
grown so ugly (robert pete williams) 2:32
autumn's child 4:01
34:22 minutes
words and music don van vliet / herb bermann (except where noted)

ALEX SNOUFFER alex (pyjama) st. clair * guitar
RY COODER * guitar * slide guitar ** bass guitar
JERRY HANDLEY * bass guitar
JOHN FRENCH drumbo * drums * percussion
DON VAN VLIET captain beefheart * vocals * harmonica ** bass marimba
guest RUSS TITELMAN ** guitar
guest MILT HOLLAND ** percussion ** log drums
guest TAJ MAHAL ** percussion
guest SAMUEL HOFFMAN ** theremin

captain beefheart - safe as milk - (edited) langdon
            winner qoute on re-issues
(edited) quote on some reissue sleeves

-------------------- ALBUMS

captain beefheart - safe as milk - front second uk lp pye
          (yellow background)
the second uk release
captain beefheart discography - safe as milk - front lp
magic the french way...
captain beefheart - safe as milk - bumper sticker
          original lp usa
the 38x10cm bumper sticker had to be folded to fit in the sleeve

captain beefheart - safe as milk - front 'demented' lp uk
          marble arch
the uk re-issue with only ten tracks
captain beefheart - safe as milk - track list 'demented'
          lp england marble arch


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