captain beefheart electricity

discography - official releases

OTHER combinations and compilations THAN 'safe as milk + mirror man'

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-------------------- ALBUMS

captain beefheart - 2 originals of captain beefheart -

captain beefheart - double dynamite compilation (the
            spotlight kid / clear spot) - label side 4
(no picture of front available)

captain beefheart - light reflected off the oceands of
          the moon - compilation - front 12 eepee
hey man, this is the ice cream for crow cover without don !

captain beefheart - the mirror man sessions -
            compilation - front 2lp

captain beefheart - six-pack six-track - compilation -
            front picture disc

captain beefheart - six-pack six-track - back of picture
          disc eepee uk


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captain beefheart electricity
as felt by teejo