captain beefheart electricity

don van vliet SINGING INK
poetry and fine arts

poem and accompanying untitled drawing
from usa 1 november 1982 book VARIOUS WRITERS * CONJUNCTIONS #3 four poems and three drawings

'accompanying' means there is no relation, it just was printed on the opposite page....
without combining them and with misprinted title reprinted in italy 1996 luca ferrari * pearls before swine...

    the smith that cleans our stars
    the wolf head came off in night
    his paw plucked a mushroom and pawed a nest of bees
    a blade of grass trembled
    a water drop threatened - burst
    a felt ear curled back into pink
    his slick stocking face chrome lips puckered pursed
    red balls fell out of a tiny screen
    opened dot that shined and was licked away
    a yellow paraffin eyelid melted back into night velvet without sound
    rested and reshaped... closed and hid the stair
    a tiny wooden door opened shut
    a polished knob grown dull in the dim hallway
    meaty blond people danced at the end of the hall yellow and white

don van vliet 1982

UNTITLED DRAWING on opposite page

don van
              vliet / captain beefheart - untitled drawing 1980
              (accompanying 'the smith that cleans our stars' poem 1982)
              - book by various artists 'conjunctions #3' usa 1983

don van vliet 1980

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