captain beefheart electricity

don van vliet SINGING INK
poetry and fine arts


from usa 1 november 1982 book VARIOUS WRITERS * CONJUNCTIONS #3 four poems and three drawings
with additional untitled drawing from book cover

note: contains some titles (in blue) of paintings!

it's like a white onion-fleshed pumpkin
tiny black eyes and round paper hairs laughing white collars minced muted in the huffing dry morning wind that jingled like fish bones... the black felt loam seeped hungrily and the waxy pepper stones puffed green tongued cactus with red hat thorny flowers seeped lazy in their thirst searching in their protected nakedness in the bottom of arizona's ocean... the sun stroked the grey fleshed drunk curtains and a lizard flipped off like a star of scales and pukedafly of a yoke yellow throatychirp... a senseless dust devil sucked the brush debris chimney soaring invisible waterfalls and drenched the still mirror... a joshua grated and danced a crow on each hand finger it's green straw hat tipped off balance and web-like in spoken myth whispers... deserted lady beautiful barren... a kangaroo rat swalloed it's cotton nest from a feathered shadow jerking... her face tatooed with life forever... a picket fence poked the wet morning apron and ran around a tree... she grew old while she was young so she could be young the rest of her life... purple mounding dances doped in stunned mirages

don van vliet 1982

additional UNTITLED DRAWING from book cover
reprinted in usa 1 august 1983 heavy metal * an old fart at play

don van vliet
              / captain beefheart - untitled drawing 1980 (cover
              'conjunctions #3' book 1983)

don van vliet 1982

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