captain beefheart electricity

don van vliet SINGING INK
poetry and fine arts - portraitflits

band member
mark boston (bass) guitar

painting & poem
from 1972 back cover THE SPOTLIGHT KID album 1972
poem reprinted england book THE LIVES AND TIMES OF CAPTAIN BEEFHEART first three editions 1977/80
  captain beefheart
              / don van vliet - painting - 'rockette morton' (mark
              boston) 1971 - back cover 'the spotlight kid' lp 1972

don van vliet 1971

drawing 1
late 1971 in 'beefheart brochure [brown star]' usa 17 april 1972 warner/reprise CIRCULAR vol.4 #15

drawing 2
in england magazine NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS 010472
note: placed along the interview a trip into the mind of the spotlight kid

drawing 3
in england magazine ZIGZAG #29 010573
note: placed along the interview jottings for the beefheart archives, which also has a story about this late march 1972 item with a misspelled dedication

drawing 4
in england magazine FRENDZ #26 280472
note: placed along the interview rough trade from venus hits it big

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captain beefheart electricity
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