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bootleg ceedee RAILROADISM live in the usa 72-81
england 2003 viper cd 015
time 72:33

note: partner of magnetic hands



fenway theatre, boston 220172
OLD BLACK SNAKE 3:34 (unreleased cover)
town hall, new york 240273
KING BEE 5:57 (unreleased cover)
roxy, los angeles 140775
THE BLIMP / soft shoe 6:16 trout mask replica 1969 / unreleased
I'M GONNA BOOGLARIZE YOU BABY 3:46 the spotlight kid 1972
red creek inn, rochester 031177
A CARROT IS AS CLOSE AS A RABBIT GETS TO A DIAMOND 2:20 (later) doc at the radar station 1980
CHINA PIG / railroadism 8:07 trout mask replica 1969 / unreleased
I LOVE YOU, YOU BIG DUMMY [spoken]0:23 lick my decals off, baby 1970
the bottom line, new york 251177 (1st show)
GROW FINS 5:50 the spotlight kid 1972
the bottom line, new york 251177 (2nd show)
THE FLOPPY BOOT STOMP 4:06 (later) shiny beast (bat chain puller) 1978
opry house, houston 011278
HARRY IRENE 3:57 shiny beast (bat chain puller) 1978
THE DUST BLOWS FORWARD 'N' THE DUST BLOWS BACK 2:10 trout mask replica 1969
the country club, reseda 290181
ASHTRAY HEART 3:45 doc at the radar station 1980
DIRTY BLUE GENE 3:48 doc at the radar station 1980
THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE BLUES (OR THE BIG DIG) 2:18 lick my decals off, baby 1970
ONE RED ROSE THAT I MEAN 2:10 lick my decals off, baby 1970
VETERAN'S DAY POPPY 4:44 trout mask replica 1969
BIG EYED BEANS FROM VENUS 5:17 clear spot 1972
avalon ballroom, san francisco 1966
AVALON BLUES 3:12 (unreleased)

captain beefheart - bootlegs - railroadism (live in the usa 72-81)


looking at the data, i already get an idea of and thoughts on this product (the picture on the front is from an other time and space, for example). but i can't fully judge the production, for at the moment i don't have this just released bootleg in: the 'burning' record companies (you know what i mean?) nowadays selling 'genuine' beefhearts never send me samples. i fear they fear my reviews, because i want quality for my money and usually they don't provide it.

so, for now, you will have to do with the following quickies:

from mojo #115 010603 england
by mark paytress
rating: 1 star out of 5

Grow Fins, Revenant's 5-cd anthology of outtakes and live recordings, was a long overdue adjunct to Beefheart's official work. Unfortunately, the trickle of copyright-dodging material that has appeared since hasn't always best served the reputation, and - thrilling though it may be to aficionados - 'Railroadism' contains nothing that enhances the legacy. Had the sources been better than passable audience recordings, then the power of, say, I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby from a surprisingly good 1975 Magic Band incarnation, or the half-dozen cuts from California in 1981 would be more convincing. Even the Captain's reverberating growl is occasionally reduced to that of a helium-quaffing dwarf, an indication of one or two tape-speed difficulties at the mastering stage. Why, my furtively taped recording (Southampton University, [england - t.t.], 1975) sounds no worse - and I expect some enterprising folk will be knocking that out on cd soon, too

from uncut #73 010603 england
by rob hughes
rating: 4 stars out of 5

Companion piece to last year's Magnetic Hands - live in the UK compilation. Includes San Francisco's 1966 add-on 'Avalon Blues'.

Dispelling once and for all the myth that Van Vliet was appreciated less in his native land than elsewhere, this excellent trawl through nearly a decade of US truck-stops is as much an opportunity to compare Magic Bands as it is to marvel at the Don. Plenty of high points (the Delta growl of 'Old Black Snake' from '72, a swampy 'Grow Fins' from NYC's Bottom Line in '77, a strangely tender 'Harry Irene' a year later), but on this evidence, the newly semi-reformed '81 line-up - six cuts from Reseda Country Club, California - takes some serious shifting.

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