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LIVE saturday 01.11.80 AMSTERDAM holland PARADISO

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burnleg 2ceedee LIVE PARADISO 1.11.'80 / MUDD CLUB 10.12.'80
holland 1999 [no label and] flatbox

full show - time 68:58 + 23:52
RIGHT speed
plus ten BONUS tracks LIVE MUDD CLUB, NEW YORK 101280 - time 34:36 (separate page in preparation)

captain beefheart - bootleg 2cd 'live paradiso 1.11.'80 / mudd club 10.12.'80'

of course, it didn't take long after the august 1999 broadcast of the wonderfully re-mastered concert for bootlegs of this show to 'come into audio'. this dub is just what real beefheart fans want to hear: a perfect sound and nó cuts. just the whole show with its ups and downs (wouldn't you like to kill that drunk in the audience, too?), manufactured with the right patience and love. and who cares if the title of this 'sound pie' is terribly ugly and the monochrome front isn't the captain's best photographical performance? on the other hand, all the liner notes are correct - quite exceptional for unofficial stuff - and the further picture on the inlay makes good...

in fact, this home burned product must be one of many comparable items on burndee, minidisc, tape and whatever. so it is mainly featured here because it was the first 'serious attempt' which came to my attention. and surely a perfect one, no doubt! it was taken from a stainless source which just was copied in a relaxed way without any sound technical interventions. so, many thanks to the dutch person who (obviously can't be mentioned but) made this unbeatable version all happen! superbly done, whoever you are.

additional notes

although merely done 'for the fun of it', a severe problem occurred as the recording lasts too long for óne ceedee. there was a big gap on the second plate to fill up with...: whát? well, éventually the audio part of the 35 minutes video footage from the 101280 performance at the MUDD CLUB in NEW YORK - which bonus of ten tracks includes a seldom performed 'making love to a vampire with a monkey on my knee', but unfortunately starts with three songs in sound trouble....

it is said there also exists a second bake of this ceedee [made by someone else], and as the paradiso part can't be improved, on thís most likely the new york bonus has been repaired to a more excellent version

CONCLUSION perfect ADVICE get it in whatever form

bootleg ceedee CASE OF THE PUNKS
usa 2000 [no label and] picture plate

tracks 1-21 - time 72:18
RIGHT speed

captain beefheart - bootleg ceedee 'case of the punks' - live performance 'amsterdam, holland, paradiso' 011180 (remastered) - front

after eliminating the starter 'nowadays a woman's gotta hit a man' and practically all of the audience intermittence, some people discovered that the 011180 paradiso gig also could be brought out on óne ceedee. óne of them was the person who regularly manages to get his bootlegs being distributed by (a semi)official shop(s). but this time his product is a 'case of the punks' [hope they don't mind to be seen as destructives again]: the unknown manufacturer just put up a poor show.

first of all, the amateuristic outside doesn't credit gary lucas, someone plays 'precussion' (whatever cushion that may be), and the box has gulfing reproductions of the 140570 rolling stone cover and the 'ice cream' desert picture, and a very bleached live photo from 1974 (!) on front. but that wouldn't be a disaster if that same wrestling with the lay-out hadn't been repeated with the sound!

indeed, it is the famous re-mastered version, but it has been terribly mistreated. along sudden volume changes, the producer manipulated the pitch to a yelling level, and there are annoying 'recording distortions' on the burnleg which didn't appear during the original broadcast at all! the ceedee just sounds as if it was pasted up from bits of mp3s someone with a bad cyber connection mailed over. or maybe i simply have a 'monday morning' copy?

though from a distance the mix sounds reasonable (no blunt cuts between the tracks, for instance) a better listen will immediately make you decide to return this shod. certainly when you realize it shouldn't be difficult to find a perfect recording of this re-mastered show somewhere in the captain's 'tape circuit'...

however, then you'll miss the only part of this product that was done with craft: the picture plate - although i wonder what the naughty cartoon has to do with beefheart, or punks, for that matter.

CONCLUSION bad ADVICE stay away from it


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