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saturday 1 november 1980 AMSTERDAM holland PARADISO

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england 2006
ceedee major league productions mlp 12 cd

captain beefheart - amsterdam '80 - live performance 011180 paradiso - england cd 2006

after the dissolvement of the group in 1982, there haven't been many official full-size captain beefheart releases with unknown stuff. and as long as warner bros keeps its vault with potential material from the years 1971-72 (the 'brown star sessions') and maybe '77 ('hoboism') securely locked, the only real new studio material we have experienced can be found on the cd 'i may be hungry but i sure ain't weird' from 1992, and 1999's box set 'grow fins'. however, both products also contain a lot of different versions of well-known stuff....

from certain points of view you could consider the poetry ceedees of don van vliet and the discs from 'the magic band reunion project' as official, 100% and new, but then you still can't label them as genuine works by captain beefheart and the magic band. and although there exists a third full-size album made 'after the fact' by the right band with tracks we had never heard before, 'i'm going to do what i wanna do' from 2000 simply is the registration of a live performance [as is the case with 'london 1974', but i don't count that one at all].

for that seems to be the hard future for fans longing for something else than the loads of shitty burnlegs poured out over us: incidentally a lost outtake, and once in a while a ceedee with a concert. like this official full-size captain beefheart and the magic band release with the easy title AMSTERDAM '80. it is the first new one since long, so this really is a memorable moment!


of course, the band plays familiar tracks, and a lot of beefheart addicts know this show from the many 'white releases' which circulate quite abundantly. because the concert at paradiso had been broadcast on radio soon after, and (parts of the) recordings of it were used for a handful of vinyl bootlegs. but time goes on and improved audio facilities revealed that the original 'radio speed' had been wrong. so, in 1999 the whole thing was digitally remastered and the concert was broadcast again, even in integral form. the radio program was tape recorded by several people and transmitted onto cdr, resulting in a handful of modern 'burnlegs' with an official look.

despite the fact that some of the cd bootlegs have an excellent sound as they are not based on fm but cable signal, the audio quality of the authorized ceedee still beats them. or the 'major league' manufacturers worked according to the rules, in stead of misusing a recording for personal use to produce illegal money. they 'have licensed the master tape direct from dutch radio, so the quality is supreme'. by the way, they 'also are paying all the compulsory publishing / song writing fees'. (both cites taken from a confidential email - t.t.)


this concert is one of the better shows from the three-month 'doc at the radar station' tour (as far as they have been recorded), which occurred after a break from stage for almost two year, and eventually would turn out to be the last one in the history of captain beefheart. the long absence had caused a quite disastrous start in england the week before - for instance in liverpool three days earlier - but in amsterdam don van vliet, the weak part of the shows, found back a great deal of his guts.

perhaps it had something to do with the visit he had made to the museum of his long time painter-hero vincent van gogh, despite his disappointment about the sun when he stepped outside, and the presence of some flipped-out elements in the audience?

abba zaba 3:42 safe as milk 1967
hot head 3:29 doc at the radar station 1980
ashtray heart 3:34 doc at the radar station 1980
dirty blue gene 4:09 doc at the radar station 1980
best batch yet 4:59 doc at the radar station 1980
safe as milk 3:53 strictly personal 1968
her eyes are a blue million miles 3:31 clear spot 1972
one red rose that i mean 3:18 instrumental lick my decals off, baby 1970
doctor dark 3:08 lick my decals off, baby 1970
bat chain puller 9:08 shiny beast (bat chain puller) 1978
my human gets me blues 3:04 trout mask replica 1969
sugar 'n' spikes 2:34 trout mask replica 1969
veteran's day poppy 4:41 trout mask replica 1969
dropout boogie 2:30 safe as milk 1967
sheriff of hong kong 6:39 doc at the radar station 1980
kandy korn 4:57 strictly personal 1968
suction prints 4:56 instrumental shiny beast (bat chain puller) 1978
big eyed beans from venus 4:45 clear spot 1972
74:06 minutes

if you have counted correctly, you have noticed that this is not the complete set list. the reason is that the concert lasted much longer than the length of any ceedee, so some editing was inevitable. although it is possible to get all twenty-one tracks on it, this record maker seems to prefer a more relaxed presentation - which means three tracks are left out, but you get a better 'live' feeling (i suggest). to be perfectly precise: missing are the opening song 'nowadays a woman's gotta hit a man' and the two contributions by gary lucas, the instrumental 'flavor bud living' and the 'one man sentence' poem.


JEFF MORIS TEPPER jeff tapir / white jew * guitar * slide guitar
RICHARD SNYDER midnight hatsize * guitar * slide guitar ** bass guitar
ERIC DREW FELDMAN black jew kittaboo * bass guitar * synthesizer * electric piano
ROBERT WILLIAMS wait for me * drums * percussion
DON VAN VLIET captain beefheart * vocals * sax ** chinese gongs
(not on this ceedee: guest gary lucas ** national steel dualion ** poetry reading)



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