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saturday 01.11.80 AMSTERDAM holland PARADISO

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'SUPPLEMENT' holland, radio 4

270798 CAPTAIN BEEFHEART lick my decals off, baby radio and internet
310798 THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING telephone interview 230793 internet

five years ago don van vliet held his last interviews of significance. most of it was published in printed form, except for a telephone chat on 230793 with a dutch radio maker called co de kloet. they knew each other from a similar 'spoken painting' (as don could have called such a meeting) composed on beefheart's visit to holland in early november 1980. co put bits of that previous interview in a 4 hour special, broadcast three week later - as well as a total of 35 minutes of the new blah blah, which turned out to be don's last spoken interview, indeed. that mere fact is enough to make it unique - although his voice exhibits the first signs of his current illness. besides: the program also was a very good introduction for beefheart virgins. however, a small minus point: the comment, the chat between the henchman and the interviewer, and the intros to some of don's answers were in plain DUTCH - but no wonder: don van vliet alias captain beefheart: cult, music, art? was made for the 'nederlandse omroep stichting' (nos; now: nps), you see.


on monday 27 july last this broadcast was repeated under the title captain beefheart: lick my decals off, baby. again the show lasted four hours and a lot of dutch spoken words, but it had some adaptations "because time went on". one of which is the reason why this radio broadcast was most spectacular: simultaneously to the old-fashioned way of sound transmission, it also could be heard ON THE INTERNET. yes, folks, this was a historic moment for mankind: the first WORLD-WIDE captain beefheart special !
the POOR PEOPLE who missed or badly received the broadcast
- or just want to hear beefheart's 'last words' (sorry, don) -
can LISTEN to the interview in real audio....
that is: as long as it is available, of course



THE BLIMP trout mask replica 1969
interview 1980
THE SOOTS * I'M A TEENAGE MALTSHOP (INTRO) [1963, in band with zappa]
THE SOOTS * METAL MAN HAS WON HIS WINGS [1963, in band with zappa]
DIDDY WAH DIDDY original version by bo diddley, too first single 1966
ELECTRICITY safe as milk 1967
ABBA ZABA safe as milk 1967
SON OF MIRROR MAN - MERE MAN strictly personal 1968
MOODY LIZ i may be hungry but i sure ain't weird 1968 ('strictly personal' outtake)
WELL trout mask replica 1969
interview 230793
MOONLIGHT ON VERMONT trout mask replica 1969
interview 230793
WILD LIFE trout mask replica 1969
interview 230793
VETERAN'S DAY POPPY trout mask replica 1969
interview 230793
'beefheart as part of zappa' mix of guest-appearances: 'willie the pimp' vocal 1969 - interview 1980 - THE MAN WITH THE WOMAN HEAD and SAM WITH THE SHOWING SCALP FLAT TOP (= beefheart compositions) both: zappa / beefheart / mothers * bongo fury 1975  - 'san ber'dino' harmonica 1975 - 'find her finer' harmonica 1976 - the torture never stops (original version) frank zappa * you can't do that on stage anymore vol. 4 ('bongo fury' outtake)
interview 230793 with request by don for his favourite record:
complete album LICK MY DECALS OFF, BABY 1970 * lick my decals off, baby * doctor dark * i love you, you big dummy * peon * bellerin' plain * woe-is-uh-me-bop * japan in a dishpan * i wanna find me a woman that'll hold my big toe till i have to go * petrified forest * one red rose that i mean * the buggy boogie woogie * the smithsonian institute blues (or the big dig) * space-ape couple * the clouds are full of wine (not whiskey or rye) * flash gordon's ape
interview 1980
KANDY KORN mirror man; recorded late 1967, released 1971
THERE AIN'T NO SANTA CLAUS ON THE EVENING STAGE the spotlight kid, early 1972
CRAZY LITTLE THING clear spot, late 1972
THIS IS THE DAY live, amsterdam 220674 [unconditionally guaranteed 1974 - so: boo!]
FURTHER THAN WE'VE GONE live, amsterdam 220674 [cut off] [unconditionally guaranteed 1974 - so: boo!]
interview 230793
ICE ROSE shiny beast (bat chain puller) 1978
interview 230793
TELEPHONE doc at the radar station 1980
FLAVOR BUD LIVING doc at the radar station 1980
interview 1980
ONE RED ROSE THAT I MEAN live, amsterdam 011180 [doc at the radar station 1980]
SHERIFF OF HONG KONG live, amsterdam 011180 [doc at the radar station 1980]
interview 1980
interview 230793 [with whales singing along]
'81' POOP HATCH [with whales added as background vocals] ice cream for crow 1982
interview 230793
HEY GARLAND I DIG YOUR TWEED COAT ice cream for crow 1982
ANT MAN BEE trout mask replica 1969
LIGHT REFLECTED OFF THE OCEANDS OF THE MOON ice cream for crow 1982 'b-side'
INK MATHEMATICS ice cream for crow 1982
interview 230793
GOLDEN BIRDIES clear spot, late 1972
DON VAN VLIET * SAFE SEX DRILL poem stand up to be discontinued 1993
DON VAN VLIET * TULIP poem stand up to be discontinued 1993
DON VAN VLIET * GIL poem stand up to be discontinued 1993


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