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LIVE monday 22.04.74 KANSAS CITY missouri usa COWTOWN BALLROOM


if you know how bad - to beefheart standards - the official cd london 1974 (or the first elpee of the 'hot dog night' double boot) is, nobody needs another live performance from that black-out year. not even when the sound quality is perfect like the radio broadcast which is the source of the collected 'crazy little things' bootlegs - because it makes your experience the more painful. don't éver listen to anything like this, for you will get an irresistible feeling of pity with the steerless captain, and your despair to help poor don will keep you away from sleeping for weeks!...


captain beefheart - live bootleg cowtown ballroom, kansas city, usa 22 april 1974 'crazy little things' front original cd


1 - MIRROR MAN 7:30 mirror man 1967
2 - UPON THE MY O MY 3:16 unconditionally guaranteed 1974
3 - CRAZY LITTLE THING 5:08 clear spot 1972
4 - FULL MOON HOT SUN 4:21 unconditionally guaranteed 1974
5 - SUGAR BOWL 3:01 unconditionally guaranteed 1974
6 - THIS IS THE DAY 7:58 unconditionally guaranteed 1974
7 - KEEP ON RUBBING aka IT'S MIGHTY CRAZY 4:59 lightnin' slim
8 - BE YOUR DOG 7:45 lightnin' slim
9 - SWEET GEORGIA BROWN 4:44 hoagy carmichael instrumental
10 - ABBA ZABA 3:26 safe as milk 1967
11 - PEACHES 6:50 unconditionally guaranteed 1974
12 - PEACHES 5:51 unconditionally guaranteed 1974
total 64:53 minutes

the BAND
DON VAN VLIET captain beefheart * vocals * sax * clarinet * harmonica
and SESSION MUSICIANS called the tragic band who shouldn't be mentioned

bootleg ceedee CRAZY LITTLE THINGS
italy 1993 triangle pycd 080
tracks 1-12

captain beefheart - live bootleg cowtown ballroom, kansas city, usa 22 april 1974 'crazy little things' front backside original cd
the flipside of the front

[quick notes:
picture is from 1980 press photo / credits say 'made in europe' but italy is more likely / more notes to come]

bootleg ceedee CAPTAIN HOOK
germany 1993 german records 033 digipack

tracks 1-11
bonus: two live tracks 1975-77

captain beefheart - live bootleg cowtown ballroom, kansas city, usa 22 april 1974 'captain hook'

[quick notes:
the same concert as 'crazy little things' released a few months earlier / but omits the second performance of 'peaches' (the only kind of encores beefheart could come up with at the time) / has two live bonus tracks taken from vinyl: 'sam with the showing scalp flat top' from the '75 zappa & beefheart 'bongo fury' tour, and 'grow fins' from a 1977 show / 'knebworth festival' picture on inside / more notes to come]

burnleg ceedee CRAZY LITTLE THINGS capt. beefheart 1974 radio show
holland? 2002? [no label and]
tracks 1-12
who could have imagined that ten years after the appearance of the bootcd, anyone with a computer could start his own illegal record company? 'home burned' discs totally outnumbered the factory made products, although 95% of it is just 'digitally remastered' vinyl and tape, or - even worse - a copy of previously released silver plastic.

captain beefheart - live bootleg cowtown ballroom, kansas city, usa 22 april 1974 'crazy little things' cd remake

so it's no wonder that the original 'crazy little things' plate reincarnated into a burnleg with a subtitle and a 'trout mask replica' front. as far as i remember - i can't afford évery piece of beefheart, you know - this remake doesn't have any bonus tracks.

bootleg ceedee PRIME QUALITY BEEF
england 2005 ozit / morpheus ozitcd 7003 limited edition 1000 hand numbered copies

tracks 1-12 shuffled
bonus: four studio outtakes 1967/8

captain beefheart - live bootlegs cowtown ballroom, kansas city, usa 22 april 1974 'prime quality beef'

(provisory note:)
ADVANCE WARNING: the notorious 'ozit / morpheus' mafia is about to release another semi-official ceedee they have burned: PRIME QUALITY BEEF. the track listing reveals that this time they stole the complete but shuffled content of the bootleg cd CRAZY LITTLE THINGS with one of beefheart's tragic LIVE PERFORMANCES from 1974: COWTOWN, KANSAS, TEXAS....  the bonus tracks are four 1967 studio outtakes from the 'i may be hungry but i sure ain't weird' / 'rare beefheart - vintage zappa' ceedees. bugger off, again!


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