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16 - 28 january 1968 europe BUDDAH PACKAGE
with other artists more info (to come)
3 may - 2 june 1968 europe 'PLAIN BROWN WRAPPER'
more info (to come)

JEFF COTTON antennae jimmy semens * guitar * slide guitar
JOHN FRENCH drumbo * drums * percussion
JERRY HANDLEY * bass guitar
ALEX SNOUFFER alex (pyjama) st. clair * guitar * slide guitar
DON VAN VLIET captain beefheart * vocals * harmonica ** musette ** shinei ** tenor sax ** soprano sax


usa 1998 head records [no catalog number] time 68:32

 captain beefheart - bootleg 'out here over there' (live europe 1968)


'TOP GEAR' bbc radio, england 24 january 1968
YELLOW BRICK ROAD 3:03 safe as milk 1967
ABBA ZABA 3:35 safe as milk 1967
SURE 'NUFF 'N' YES I DO 2:52 safe as milk 1967
ELECTRICITY 3:49 safe as milk 1967

'TOP GEAR' bbc radio, england 6 may 1968

BEATLE BONES 'N' SMOKIN' STONES 3:01 strictly personal 1968 (to come)
SAFE AS MILK 4:27 strictly personal 1968 (to come)
KANDY KORN 4:46 strictly personal 1968 (to come)
TRUST US 7:30 strictly personal 1968 (to come)

CANNES FILM FESTIVAL france 27 january 1968

ELECTRICITY 3:50 safe as milk 1967
SURE 'NUFF 'N' YES I DO 2:53 safe as milk 1967

KIDDERMINSTER england 19 may 1968

ROLLIN' AND TUMBLIN' 10:50 (unreleased cover song)
TAROTPLANE 6:14 mirror man 1967 (released in 1971)
KANDY KORN 4:36 mirror man 1967 (released in 1971)

[nót from]
amougies, belgium october 1969

SUN ZOOM SPARK 7:06 clear spot 1972 (to come)



by guest steve froy

Okay, so it's another boot CD with the John Peel sessions on (from the radio program 'top gear', broadcast dates 4 february and 12 may respectively - t.t.)! But don't let that put you off, because these are the best sound quality of these tracks I have yet heard. Even if they aren't the original BBC tapes and they do include Mr. Peel's chatter over a couple of the songs they are still excellent. What also makes this CD worth looking for is the inclusion of the 'Electricity' track from the January session. This is often missing from the tapes circulating and wasn't on the other boot CDs. I have only heard a poor quality version of it before, but the version here is much better, although there is more 'hiss' and is obviously not from the same source as the rest of the tracks. The other surprise here is that the songs from the May session include the full version of 'Trust Us' - the full 7 minutes 25 seconds - absolutely awesome, worth getting just for this!

The Cannes Beach tracks obviously come from a different source to the video that circulates, as there is a French announcer talking over the intro to 'Sure 'Nuff 'n' Yes I Do'. This is made up for by the track lasting slightly longer than the video version before fading and cutting. Again the quality is pretty good.

The three tracks from Kidderminster (a concert at 'frank freeman's dancing club', not on 12, but 19 may - t.t.) are great to have on CD although the quality is more muffled and is not as good in comparison to the other tracks. Still it's good to have these '68 vintage Magic Band recordings altogether - to many of us older fans this Magic Band was indeed the most 'magical'.

captain beefheart - bootleg 'out here over there' (live europe 1968) - back pictures cannes, france, midem festival januarynotes
  back full of heads featuring the captain at the cannes film festival

The final track on the CD claims to be from the Amougies Festival in 1969 (which town is situated in belgium, by the way, but bootleggers often don't mind knowledge - t.t.). Unfortunately, this is total bollocks! I don't think 'Sun Zoom Spark' was even written, let alone played in 1969. It is, however, one of the many early workouts of 'Sun Zoom Spark' from the series of '71/'72 out-takes tapes. It features the Cap playing harmonica and experimenting with different lyrics while Zoot Horn accompanies him on acoustic(?) guitar. Again, nice sound quality and well worth a listen, all seven minutes of it.

The packaging is well done with a 1973 live picture of Don on the front of the insert. Inside there is a short interview from 1968 (not sure of the source of this) and a photograph that I've not seen before of the 1968 band standing around some tulips. Their headgear suggests this was taken the same time as the Rome Festival show. The back of the insert shows Don in his 'chinese lampshade' hat from the 'Clear Spot' period. The rear of the jewel case has eight excellent close-up shots of Don taken from the Cannes Beach video.

The CD itself is anonymous with only the title printed on the gold surface of the disc making look like an ordinary CDR. There is no identification on the cover either except for a picture of a baby wearing headphones and the word 'HEAD' in capital letters.

This is one stonkingly good CD. Get it if you can!

Finally...: a big 'THANK YOU' to whoever put it together.



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