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beefheart ou don van vliet

from switzerland 1 march 1973 OEUF #15-16-17
by patrice blanc-franquart
is 5 april 1972 france radio interview
note: in FRENCH

more notes:
* curiously this feature has a picture from the 9 april 1972 concert in amsterdam, holland
* and four van vliet lyrics translated into french (i like the way the doo dads fly is one of them)

beefheart or don van vliet


o.r.t.f. (french broadcasting company - t.t.): a lot of people say: ah, beefheart is getting commercial with his new album which is very bluesy (the spotlight kid - t.t.).

beefheart (makes a series of not-translated word plays with bluesy, blues, blue and green - which also is the colour of the dollar - and shows his empty pockets): why do you call it 'bluesy'? it would be better to say: 'greeny'. it's 'greener' than the previous one.... i think that love is stronger than money, but i also believe in fóód... i earn a dime with playing, by making some albums; but i'm nót like the general electric chap with the lamplet on his head, i'm nót sitting in a chair wondering what best i can do to make people buy my new record.

when you're on tour in the united states is it in an environment of 'underground' people, on universities?

no, i don't believe in that story about 'underground' and 'overground': it's dangerous, because it puts up a barrier between them.

captain beefheart
                          concert - 15 april 1972 bataclan, paris,
                          france - don van vliet / captain beefheart -
                          picture by jean-pierre leloir
DON VAN VLIET captain beefheart
live 15 april 1972 bataclan, paris, france
additional picture by jean-pierre leloir from 1 june 1972 rock & folk

in your music, and even if you don't agree, there are a whole lot of influences from blues and free jazz. do you listen to people like albert ayler or sun ra?

no. i myself am an artist too, you see... i'll tell you once again: i have i-ma-gi-na-ti-on.... it isn't polluted, and believe me, people have always tried to put labels on me.... what's the story with that 'blues' and 'jazz'? the more often people say it the more difficult it gets for me to come here. it took five years to play here in europe, because the critics had written i was sort of avant-garde, jazz, blues and such....

it's wrong: i am an artist; just like albert ayler is one, like muddy waters or john lee hooker. i know john lee hooker, and even in my boldest imagination i can't see myself using the music of hooker, ayler or anyone else. why should i do that, when i have so much myself - you have heard it tonight.... so why all those classifications? tell it to the rolling stones, to the beatles, the jefferson airplane - but not to me!

what's your idea of an artist? someone who's beyond the world?

what kind of answer do you expect to that question? are you with the c.i.a.? are you - i demand you to tell - with the c.i.a.? admit it!: you are, aren't you? i'm sure!....


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