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editor: paul brown

singin' for women!
01.11.98 england mail-order
72 illustrated pages a5

captain beefheart electricity - fanzine 'steal softly thru snow' - issue #7: singing for women

as if nothing has happened, here at once is a new issue of the said to have sunken 'steal softly thru snow' fanzine. and it immediately makes forget the troubles it took to start again. for in the last three-and-a-half years the only beefheart fanzine ever had some bad luck, and it's kind of a wonder paul brown has managed to go on. but this isn't a gossip site, so that's enough said.

this booklet even is as thick as the previous record holder of the 'apocalypso' series, but as a more compact lettering is used it wins on points. despite the fact that some prints of scans aren't perfect yet (but scanning is as much an art as patience), there is little to complain. although...: due to the delay in publishing there has appeared a move in the balance of the content from the 'album spotting' to the 'shaking vlietland'. not that beefheart's 'brown star' that shrank to a CLEAR SPOT gets no mention, but this part of the zine is a bit shorter than usual - in favour of the loads of 'news for the demented fans' that has piled up over the last three years.

along the inevitable time log - dec '72: alex st. clair solo lp release (?) - and 'clear spot' discography come the usual, nevertheless always surprising live pictures, drawings (by nulsh this time), press stuff and unsorted memorabilia. but is it a proper thought of mine that in whole it seems a bit meagre - or is that merely fantasy because it also contains some items already known to us internet surfers? like the 201172 interview the tenderized beefheart of 'clear spot' and the golden birdies comic - and further on some of the pictures from mediaspin...

yes, folks, although the fanzine has started in the old days of 'suction prints' on paper and most subscribers haven't dared to step into the next century yet, it doesn't dény the worldwide developments taking place at the web. the chapter with the 'news that's shaking the vlietland' even contains a special introduction to the captain's cyberspace (but it dates from march last, so it's already a bit out of date - think of the later added 1993 dutch radio interview this is your captain speaking which is available 'live' now and forever). and it also mentions the great web-only 'hifi mundo' interview with bill harkleroad, which was - so to say - the try-out edition of his book about 'zoot horn rollo's captain beefheart experience'....

but of course not all the thrilling news (or, as i would call it 'refreshing electricity') is caused by the lucid tentacles of the beefweb: how about the television documentary 'the artist formerly known as captain beefheart', the magazine publication 'beef art' and - naturally - zoot's book lunar notes!? and it's not necessary to be a cyber kid to find out about the release of albums by former magic band members like drumbo and robert williams, as well as the completely superfluous 'buddah years' re-releases and the announced wonderful 'grow fins' cd boxset....

but then: even such an 'old-fashioned slow' publication can contain very essential exclusives which no true beefheart fan - surfer or not - would want to miss! like the sudden existence of a tape with some important 'brown star' compositions (or outtakes from 'the spotlight kid', if you like), and the real sensation of this seventh issue: the full report of the DRUM CLINIC of JOHN FRENCH on 260596 in london, england! although we already were satisfied with what turns out to be just an outtake of the text of the workshop, we now get the complete 'drumbo' story (that is: with just a slight look at the 1975-1980 period - but we can't have all)! so not only his 'trout mask replica' adventures: no, he tells about his early drum occupations and influences too, and gives unknown facts concerning his start in the magic band and the 'safe as milk' and 'strictly personal' albums! wow, wow, wow!!! [see editorial note * below...]


* there's no doubt: i immediately should re-cyber this interview - and as big as possible - for my archive of don't argue with the captain matters! but in this case some troubles occur. for it isn't published by one or other general pop music magazine with commercial intentions (so i would totally have ignored the copyright claim), but by an obsessed fan. such people - even if they're human beings - don't deserve to be pulled a leg. uh.., i mean: it's better to buy a copy of this marvellously hurting stuff than to wait for the cyber publication which won't happen...

dear reader, you should know i actually am the dutch connection of 'steal softly thru snow'. but that's not why this review is so positive - because since the (cyberless) time i met this incorrigible product and loved the scientific approach, i've always tried to help the staff as good as i could. i must admit that one of the reasons for my much-deplored decision to start this 'captain beefheart electricity' website (because i got hooked!) even was the fact that this super-reliable source of information just had evaporated in the harsh snow of the reality. but fortunately only for a while, as is proven now.

as the headquarter left no address when it had to move, i'm out of my mind - see if there's something to contribute again. but: visitor, don't worry, it doesn't mean i'll switch off this shocking electricity - because, anyhow, a fanzine and a website have different functions and possibilities...
hello, paul, i'm glad you've been blown back!



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