captain beefheart electricity

don van vliet SINGING INK
poetry and fine arts



handwritten fragment of lyrics 1978
from 2000 liner notes I'M GOING TO DO WHAT I WANNA DO album

written on a blank concert poster
part of the lyrics to tropical hot dog night, a song from the 1978 'shiny beast (bat chain puller)' elpee

captain beefheart / don van vliet - hand-written poem - 'tropical hot dog night' (excerpt) 1978 - notes 'i'm going to do what i wanna do' cd 2000
don van vliet 1978


[just in case you don't want to admit you have troubles reading the scribbles:]

i'm playin' this music
so the young girls
will come out to meet
the monster tonight


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captain beefheart electricity
as felt by teejo