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ocean of sound #2
white jam from the spotlight kid

captain beefheart - discography - various artists compilation - 'ocean of sound' series -  volume 2: crooning on venus

[august 1996:]
this part of one or other vague series deals with the voices of 'the most extraordinary singers' of pop music. it contains ballads and because this compilation was released by virgin i fear the captain beefheart contribution is one of the disgusting 1974 recordings. unfortunately we have to mention it anyhow for the statistics.

[august 2001:]
of course i had to wait till i had given up all hope to ever give you the right answer, before finding it by coincidence...! for the song in question appears to be WHITE JAM from 'the spotlight kid' (originally brought out by warner bros).

[any time:]
part four of this series, 'guitars on mars', includes two more beefheart compositions.

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ocean of sound #4
flavor bud living from doc at the radar station
evening bell from ice cream for crow

captain beefheart - discography - various artists compilations - 'ocean of sound' series - volume four: guitars on mars

a year after their 'crooning on venus' appearance in the second part of the 'ocean of sound' series captain beefheart & the magic band went to mars and provided two more tracks. although: 'captain beefheart and the magic band'? because this fourth issue of unnecessary compilations is featuring guitars, so it's only gary lucas playing the instrumentals FLAVOR BUD LIVING from 'doc at the radar station' and EVENING BELL off 'ice cream for crow'.

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