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captain beefheart - discography - various artists compilation - savage pencil presents 'the antiquack dead duck selection' - book + ceedee 1999 england

take a seat behind your big eyed bean. read this before continuing: the internet site you will visit is as insane as a good comic. an unsolicited program called 'shockwave' will download itself before a complete stupid site turns up designed by extraterrestrials (and which can cause severe computer tilts). not only do all scrollbars fail if your screen is too small, it also is almost impossible to navigate through the information in a human way. so, and write this down : click on the orange honey-comb most to the left [= the individuals], and then on the fellow with the beard in the lower right corner.

it's savage pencil (probably not his real name) who like the other compilers in the series of ceedees with 'favourite musical moments of people with a sometimes demented vision' was allowed a - 30 pages - booklet with high-quality prints of his great drawings, in this case of his hero 'dead duck' (probably not its real name) wandering through the world of music, on viagra. many of the illustrations refer to the chosen songs by for instance sun ra and his arkestra and the bongo dog doodah band, and the ceedee also contains a wonderfully read version of the weird story told in the comic. nót mentioned on the cyberpages is that the compilation includes captain beefheart's SAFE AS MILK from 'strictly personal'! an unpleasant mistake.

now if you're a collector of uncommon items, remember: you're still behind your lucid bean. go back to the starting page and click the 'purchase on-line' comb left to savage pencil. search the record, and just 'buy online' with your credit card, although the price of 12.35 british pound can't be converted to foreign currency and the overseas postage is a mystery - at least when i visited the pages. and to discourage our beefheart friends without internet facilities, the firm doesn't have a snail mail address....

after this preparation, are you ready to click on this word: songbooks? by the way: the release date was march last, but i had big trouble in tracing it. the only normal and internet shop which still has this bookceedee in stock, is forced exposure, where it costs $28 plus postage. (226 lowell street * somerville * ma 02144, or: p.o. box 9102 * waltham * ma 02254-9102 * usa, or: fax + 617 629 4774, or: email also mind the strange circumstance that this issue has an isbn number, so you can try to order it at the better bookshops.

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