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1969 but * recorded 1968

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captain beefheart - trout mask
              replica - front cover original lp usa

- side 1 -
frownland 1:39
the dust blows forward 'n' the dust blows back 2:04 chant
dachau blues 2:21
ella guru 2:23
hair pie: bake 1 4:57 instrumental
moonlight on vermont 3:55 *
- 2 -
pachuco cadaver 4:37
bill's corpse 1:47
sweet sweet bulbs 2:17
neon meate dream of a octafish 2:25
china pig 3:56
my human gets me blues 2:42
dali's car 1:25 instrumental
- 3 -
hair pie: bake 2 2:23 instrumental
pena 2:31
well 2:05 chant
when big joan sets up 5:19
fallin' ditch 2:03
sugar 'n' spikes 2:29
ant man bee 3:55
- 4 -
orange claw hammer 3:35 chant
wild life 3:07
she's too much for my mirror 1:42
hobo chang ba 2:01
the blimp (mousetrapreplica) 2:04
steal softly thru snow 2:13
old fart at play 1:54
veteran's day poppy 4:30 *
79:06 minutes
words and music don van vliet

JEFF COTTON antennae jimmy semens * guitar * steel-appendage guitar ** lead vocal ** flesh horn
BILL HARKLEROAD zoot horn rollo * guitar * steel-appendage guitar * glass finger guitar
MARK BOSTON rockette morton * bass guitar [except *] ** narration
JOHN FRENCH drumbo * drums * percussion
VICTOR HAYDON the mascara snake ** bass clarinet ** vocal
* GARY MARKER * bass guitar
DON VAN VLIET captain beefheart * vocals * tenor sax * soprano sax * bass clarinet ** simran horn ** musette ** hunting horn
guest DOUG MOON ** acoustic guitar
accidental guest ROY ESTRADA oréjon / audi hon ** bass guitar
accidental guest ART TRIPP ed marimba ** drums

captain beefheart - trout
              mask replica - outcut bacxk cover lp - don van vliet, jeff
              cotton, bill harkleroad, mark boston, john french (down

-------------------- ALBUMS

    • usa 1969 straight sleeve: sts 1053 label: 2 sts 1053 sides 1+4 and 2+3 with lyric sheet
not only did it take captain beefheart and the magic band several brainstorms to learn this legendary new music
- the captain by sleeping and the band by rehearsing - and a few legendary sessions to record it (with the producer sleeping)
but, worst of all, about ten different pressings / versions in half a year to meet the steadily growing demand.
these weird happenings have never been investigated profoundly
and as (again) i seem to be the only one wanting to do the job but have no time,
i fear you'll never get to know the full story.
                      beefheart - trout mask replica - young don van
                      vliet on front lyric sheet original lp usa
captain beefheart -
            trout mask replica - usa cassette by reprise - with strange
            track listing
the surprising track listing of the reprise cassette


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