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usa 1998 ceedee CALIFORNIA POLICE STATE bongload bl 34

captain beefheart - cover versions - sexy death soda - cd 'california police state' (1998)

a recently formed group of two girls and three guys has invented the 'guitarbecue' (funeral for dead guitars) and these belated hippies from the last days of the century also work music. they mix old surf and psychedelic music with fashionable modern wails - but unfortunately they're from an over-sunny part of the states, so promising titles like 'acid trip' and 'california police state' don't get the music that fits to them. it's all much too happy and general - no wonder their version of beefheart's complaint about the PLASTIC FACTORY (original on safe as milk) releasing safe, saleable mass products proofs its own right: the best track on the ceedee is the hidden 'you didn't expect this - because it shouldn't be on it' bonus. although: the cover version gives a nice indication about how the original technically could have sounded when it had been recorded with more attention... (i mean, it's not a bad cover - but not god too.)

it's well available.



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captain beefheart electricity
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