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usa 1993 cds3 BLUE MILLION MILES swimming pool blue 93 00102 limited edition 5000 copies
usa 1996 ceedee EARLY RECORDINGS womanly hips / blue gorilla / mercury 534 235 2 promo not for sale imprint on box lid
usa 1996 ceedee EARLY RECORDINGS womanly hips / blue gorilla / mercury 534 235 2
germany 1996
ceedee EARLY RECORDINGS mercury 534 235 2

usa 1996 emcee EARLY RECORDINGS mercury 314 534 235 4

captain beefheart - cover versions - joan osborne - cd 'blue million miles' (1993)

i'm sorry her remake of a beefheart ballad isn't in my 'captain's covers', but when she released it a few years ago only a tiny crowd of around five thousand friends knew what she was doing. but as this soulful lady recently became a (friendly) money-bringing star, her record company decided to re-issue her early work. so now everyone can listen to her thrilling cover version, although she adapted the words to her female situation and therefore changed the clear spot title into HIS EYES ARE A BLUE MILLION MILES.
of course not each record with a beefheart cover is worth the buy, but let me ease you in this case: joan is... steamy!

captain beefheart - cover versions - joan osborne - cd 'early recordings' (1993)

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usa 1995 ceedee RELISH blue gorilla/mercury 314 526 699 2
usa 1995 cassette RELISH blue gorilla/mercury 314 526 699 4
usa 1996 cds4 RIGHT HAND MAN blue gorilla / mercury 578 371 2 with two versions
usa 1995 ceedee VARIOUS ARTISTS * H.O.R.D.E. FESTIVAL 1995 what are records? al 8344-83 promo

after her flaming cover version of 'his eyes are a blue million miles' this singer with soul and a nose-ring still was a beefheart fan when she made her breakthrough in late 1995. not only because former magic band guitarist gary lucas appears in one of the songs as co-writer/player and guests in another, but mainly because the disc contains a composition by the whole band and... don van vliet!

however, the captain doesn't sing or play on 'right hand man' and the words sure aren't his. but you too immediately would recognize the intro and the melody right away as 'familiar' - but which one, if the liner notes say nothing and your mind can't trace the track? in case of such a dilemma you need sheer luck or some help by joan herself. in an internet-page she explains: 'i brought in this captain beefheart song, clear spot, which has a really skronky beginning we all loved. we started playing around with it, and put it in 7/8 so the beat would turn around and give your body a little push. RIGHT HAND MAN just popped out of my mouth, and we looked at each other and said wow.'



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