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england 1998 elpee HERE I AM, I ALWAYS AM vinyl japan asklp 71
england 1998 ceedee HERE I AM, I ALWAYS AM vinyl japan askcd 71
usa 2015 elpee HERE I AM, I ALWAYS AM m'lady's records mladys 22 remastered reissue 500 copies notes on front cover

captain beefheart - cover versions - kyra - lp 'here i am, i always am' (1998)

amongst many other activities this lady of belgian origin with the last name of 'de coninck' sang in 'thee headcoatees', being the joined forces of the partners of the all-male 'thee headcoats', one of the bands of billy childish. no wonder the multi-artist considerably put a mark on her solo album by composing a lot of tunes and accompanying her on guitar. the album contains three cover versions, one of which provided the overall title: the HERE I AM, HERE I ALWAYS AM outtake from captain beefheart's the legendary a&m sessions.

the songs are said to be live, but as you can't hear that at all, i assume it are 'one-take' studio recordings (detail: which were done in may 1998 in the county of kent, england). the music tends to rock 'n' roll hugging rockabilly, and as it is played by three in stead of four men our song of interest doesn't sound as full, and less weird, as the original. however, kyra - that's pronounced 'keera' - terribly makes good for that simplification by singing as if she's driven by a tortured mind comparable to don's. i have to admit that the record company stating that 'she sings with heart and abandon', by exception is right.

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captain beefheart electricity
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