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england 1988 lp/cd various artists * FAST 'N' BULBOUS separate page in preparation

this publicity-shy guy, who uses a lot of artist's names from the king of luxembourg to his real one simon (fisher) turner, is well known for his splendid version of LONG NECK BOTTLES from clear spot on the various artists tribute 'fast 'n' bulbous'. it's even better than the original, i daresay, but strangely enough he never put that great track on one of the many records he has made...

captain beefheart - cover versions - king of luxembourg (simon fisher turner) 1988


england 1988 elpee 'SIR' él acme 16
england 1988 ceedee 'SIR' él acme 16 cd
japan 1988 ceedee 'SIR' él / cherry red / vap 85610 28
england 1998 ceedee 'SIR' / ROYAL BASTARD él [ unknown] two-on-one
japan 2000 elpee 'SIR' él / cherry red / vap(?) [ unknown] picture disc
japan 2000 emcee 'SIR' / ROYAL BASTARD él / cherry red / vap(?) [ unknown]
japan 2000 ceedee 'SIR' / ROYAL BASTARD él / cherry red / vap(?) [ unknown] two-on-one
japan 2006 ceedee 'SIR' universal [ unknown]

captain beefheart - cover versions - king of luxembourg - 'sir' - front elpee

... however, it now appears that in that same year, 1988, he did another beefheart cover: HER EYES ARE A BLUE MILLION MILES also from clear spot. and thís one was released on an elpee called 'sir', but stayed unnoticed (by me, at least).

till last year, when a re-issue was produced, and as new technologies help to draw world wide attention we now have the opportunity to find out if this other van vliet cover is as good as the one we already know. a small problem, unfortunately, are the facts that the picture disc is hard to find and the two-on-one ceedee is made in japan, so good - but éxpensive. i noticed it is for sale at several cybershops, so maybe at common ones too.

captain beefheart - cover versions - king of luxembourg - 'sir / royal bastard' two-on-one - front cd england
the two-on-one ceedee

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