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usa 2002 cdrec various artists * YOUR CAGE ISN'T GETTING ANY BIGGER no label and sampler test pressing hand written notes
usa 2003 ceedee JANET BRESSLER * EVENING SHADES PREVAIL [private release] jb 1399 cardboard sleeve
usa 2004 ceedee various artists * MAMA KANGAROOS genus records [ unknown] delayed

captain beefheart - cover versions - janet bressler 'evening shades prevail' cd - with 'i'm glad' by 'bilenky cycle works'

if everything had gone according to the time schedules, you wouldn't have to take a good seat now while i try to eliminate some confusion which might occur.

BILENKY CYCLE WORKS was one of the female bands from philadelphia (male members allowed) which were invited to contribute a beefheart cover to the mama kangaroos project. the recordings took place late 2001 / early 2002 and the song this group covered with the help of some studio guests was one of the two deviations on the safe as milk album: I'M GLAD. get it?

next step of the project was to release an (eventually cancelled) eepee with 'advance tracks', your cage isn't getting any bigger. by the time an unmixed test pressing on ceedee circulated, i wrote about their rendition:

bilenky cycle works turned 'i'm glad' into the tender hit single it could have been if captain beefheart and the magic band would have wanted to be a soul group with commercial success.

get it? good! for now the more difficult part begins....

the fate of projects is that they have to deal with unexpected circumstances and bloody misfortune. no wonder that to the outside world time went by without anything happening. but while the tribute still was under construction a year later, the meant cover version suddenly popped up at a strange place: a ceedee by a lady called JANET BRESSLER. get it?

not? well, the band simply had left 'bilenky cycle works' behind and would continue named after their female singer. and they liked the beefheart cover - originally merely recorded for the project - so much, they decided to put it on the private release which was made to celebrate their new appearance.

this change of name also led to an adaptation of the mama kangaroos credits, so the finished version on the tribute is performed by...: JANET AND FRIENDS. all clear now?


people who like to hear this cover version or more 'bilenky cycle works' should visit janet's home page, which also offers the possibility to buy the ceedee - rather a collection of demos than an album, by the way - for the special price of 10 us dollars (and additional shipping costs).



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captain beefheart electricity
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