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FAST AND BULBOUS the captain beefheart story
england 1996 agenda isbn 1899882 25 1
86 pages - 14,5 x 21 cm

            beefheart / don van vliet - books - ben cruikshank 'fast and
            bulbous (the captain beefheart story)' - england 1996

yes, in accordance with the title this 85-pages stencil is a fast one. it has no pictures and the text and facts haven't been securely checked, which makes it an irritating read. it bulges with miss-spelled song titles, incorrect year dates and commas at wrong places; the english is kind of semi-intellectual but stiff, sometimes even gibberish. so: a plain shod. besides, the minimal notes by far don't reveal the story it claims to tell.

for whom is this so-called book meant anyway? not for the van vliet addicts, because it's much too sketchy - the writer even causes needless confusion by random suggestions and far-fetched musical influences. and his self-complacency is annoying. not for beefheart-strangers too...: for in fact the whole thing is just a mere drone of personal opinions on the album songs. so it isn't bulbous at all. need i say more? i already spilt too many words...!

CONCLUSION: a quickie. MY ADVICE: forget it.



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captain beefheart electricity
as felt by teejo