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limited audiophile edition
england 1999 2elpee emi / simply vinyl svlp 157

despite the revolution in sound reproducing technologies over the past decade, some people still love the good old vinyl. in what probably is the last convulsion of a dying breed there even sprouted up a record company specialized in re-releasing all kinds of classic recordings. but with a difference: as a start that english firm, simply vinyl, melts a larger amount of vinyl for an elpee (180 grams - which guarantees a much better sound quality) and then they are realistic enough to use recently re-mastered and / or digital versions of the worn-out originals.

one of the latest additions to their catalogue is captain beefheart and the magic band. maybe inspired by the magnificently renewed 'buddha versions' of the (chronologically spoken) first two recordings, they started with transforming those records into - so-called audiophile albums. the remastered safe as milk was their first project, soon followed by the mirror man sessions - which was brought out along with an extra item: the 'vinylized' re-issue of the STRICTLY PERSONAL ceedee.

so, no bad words on the sound quality of this (also financially) heavy-weight item - no, those go to the package. it seems the audiophile experts are more interested in providing an optimal result for the ears than for the eyes and the information hungry brain. alright, the outside in general is in accordance with their slogan to stay as close to the 'classic outfit' as possible [i even prefer their choice for the colour of the 'ceedee envelop' to that of the original 'brówn wrapper' because it matches the background of this page better]. but i really can't understand why they didn't upgrade the liner notes with the very informative ones available in the ceedee booklet....

in stead of asking the fans what they would like to get when buying this double-priced album, the stubborn company staff simply 're-organized' the 1968 design - in a wrong way! as you might know, the original album came in a gatefold sleeve with the full-sized weird 'aliens' on the fold-out inner (yeah, like a pin-up). now, that marvellous picture appears to have been photocopied, and 'divided' over both side of an insert sheet! imagine! it's a blame, and not only if you know the original panoramic experience.... very disappointing, indeed.

also, a funny thing is that on this most recent re-issue of some immortal beefheart beauties both sides of the record are 'side II'...



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captain beefheart electricity
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