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this is just a strange picture of a strange captain beefheart in a strange quiz! besides wondering when and where it was, i really can't imagine what he's doing and why!...

it (probably) appeared in the usa book THE GREAT ROCK, POP & SOUL QUIZ - copyright 1980 - and goes:

by ski

have you noticed? everybody is talking and writing about captain beefheart and éverybody (whoever thát is) is talking and writing about yoko ono. well, i hate to pull rank on you people, but as someone who has been devouring beefheart records since 1966 and as someone who has considered yoko his favorite beatle since she first met john in that same year, i now present to you:

[the 'yoko' questions are left out because they're too easy - teejo]

1. captain beefheart's lost and legendary first single was a cover of what standard rock classic and was issued on what label?
3. after two members of the original magic band left beefheart, totally disillusioned with the direction his sound was taking with the release of the archetypal sell-out attempt album 'unconditionally guaranteed', what group did they form which released two albums in england?
5. complete this famous beefheart assessment: 'of the -- people in the world -- are --'.
7. place the following captain beefheart albums in order of rélease (not date of recording!): unconditionally guaranteed - safe as milk - lick my decals off, baby - bluejeans and moonbeams - shiney beast - trout mask replica - mirror man - clear spot - the spotlight kid
8. captain beefheart's favorite american painter at the moment is ----.
10. who wrote the 'rolling stone' cover story on captain beefheart that appeared in 1969?

o.k. folks, start thinking now - while captain beefheart tries to confuse you:

captain beefheart / don van vliet in strange quiz - picture by arnoud bizalian
picture by arnaud bizalion
according to the quizmaster the ANSWERS are:
1. 'doo-wah-diddy' on a&m
3. mallard
5. 'of the 40 people in the world 5 are hamburgers'
7. safe as milk - mirror man - trout mask replica - lick my decals off, baby - the spotlight kid - clear spot - unconditionally guaranteed - bluejeans and moonbeams - shiney beast
8. franz kline
10. langdon winner

hmm. if we're not counting the spelling errors, he's got four answers right out of six, er, well, that means his prize (converted, as the yoko points are out of competition) would have been...: free travel time to hiroshima, 1945...!

to keep this a quiz i won't tell you which answers are wrong and why. i hope you're beefhearty enough to know, or will find out one day...



a few years after putting up this all-round quiz, i think i can answer the questions WHEN and WHERE. for as 1) the photographer with his clear french name (still) lives in the SOUTH OF FRANCE, and 2) don van vliet wears his usual outfit from 1980/1, the picture must have been taken at an unknown location like the hotel or a dressing room he was in because of the following concert:
sat 8 november 1980 france LYON théatre du 8e 1re partie: les 'i'

of course, the answers to WHAT and WHY are open like before, but let's keep up hope.


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captain beefheart electricity
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