captain beefheart electricity

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usa 2002 2elpee IN THE GRIPS OF THE LIGHT level plane records [ unknown]
usa 2002 ceedee IN THE GRIPS OF THE LIGHT secretly canadian sc 63 orange 'picture plate' with title in japanese
usa 2003 ceedee VARIOUS ARTISTS * NEON MEATE DREAM OF A OCTAFISH animal world recordings awr 020

captain beefheart - cover versions - racebannon 'in the grips of the light' 2lp and cd - with 'electricity'

according to someone: 'racebannon has become well-known for their relentless live shows at which they've destroyed nearly every p.a. they've had direct line to with their evangelical fanaticism. the band is a cross breed of captain beefheart's controlled spontaneity, 'melvins' and 'blue cheer'-esque sludgy heaviosity, and 'melt banana'-like noisy spazz.' and when this album was brought out, someone else said: 'if you're a fan of intelligent hardcore and noisecore, check this out. wonderful ranting lyrics, propulsive rhythm and fantastic performances. it's just damn, damn awesome - they also rock live. [....] it includes a cover of captain beefheart's ELECTRICITY from safe as milk, a very rockin' cover.'

now, you got an idea what kind of (garage) rock music this is. and indeed, this group knows how to frankly express themselves. the music is 'securely left-out emotion' and has a lot of strain. some beefheart-inspired passages too, like the 'mirror man / strictly personal' jam on the second track, and a driven start of the sixth. really, these guys dare to ply (and you know what beefheart meant with that, don't you?)....

so no wonder, their re-make of the beefheart song differs from the usual version. actually, there are tw parts: a quite exact first half, followed by a 'personal interpretations' session. unfortunately, the vocals drown in the badly-spread sound (a general problem, by the way), and the theremin they use, too. a theremin, just like on the original song? yeah....

but a disappointing thing, however, is that thir half of the song - though not bd, and ending well - is 'dull' compared to the rest of the album. you would have expected much more musical adventure. so, i can recommend this nonconformist album, but not because of the beefheart cover. if you see that song as just a 'bonus track which should be remixed', you'll have a fabulous day each time you play the ceedee or...: the double-elpee(!).

some facts:
* the album was recorded 'onto 2" quantegygrandmasterplatinum tape in lincoln, nebraska 15-22 july 2001'
* amongst other, this release is AVAILABLE at the band's website linked above
* one year after this release the cover version was included on the various artists * neon meate dream of a octafish tribute



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captain beefheart electricity
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