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28 april 2018

i must apologise for having fooled around a bit by working on my lay-out skill and wrestling with typical webmaster issues: i created and added a 404 error page i hope you'll never get to see...

so let's get back to business now!
first half 1972 don van vliet drew a lot of attention with 'the spotlight kid' album and several promo tours: six weeks usa and canada, five weeks europe and another week and a half back home. and with all the links to change and new publications and front pages to add, it's no wonder i just finished only a first part of that year's MAGOGRAPHY, roughly covering january through march....

30 march 2018

while on tour one boring day in early february 1972 don van vliet tore off the cover page of a 'yellow pages' guide and transformed it into the PIECE OF ART the captain beefheart VALENTINE INFO RACKET, which would be published as a philadelphia valentine greeting from captain beefheart in the usa 14 february 1972 'weekly news device from warner/reprise' CIRCULAR

20 march 2018

most of the snap shots along the interviews were scanned more than twenty years ago, when i had a primitive scanner and no experience what soever with photo editing. meanwhile i have bought a new machine when the old one wore off, and learned myself a lot about 'image improvement'; which now has resulted in better PICTURES to the refreshed ZAPPA STOLE MY IDEAS, SAYS THE CAPTAIN and A TRIP INTO THE MIND OF THE SPOTLIGHT KID chats with beefheart from right before his 1972 england tour

13 march 2018
added a few PICTURES to some of the early 1972 interviews which all have been adjusted: two spotlight kids to A FEW WORDS WITH THE GOOD CAPTAIN, and terribly fuzzy ones (scanned from photocopies) to CAPTAIN BEEFHEART ON STAGE AND OFF - hoping that fans from boston will storm their local (university) libraries to help me to images of perfect quality....
2 march 2018
made two smaller (i hope: welcome) additions to the history chapter:
an UNTITLED DRAWING of some sort of insert don van vliet provided for the usa 14 may 1970 I'M NOT EVEN HERE feature,
and a SHORT INTERVIEW with captain beefheart - in bright red socks - from england 8 november 1969 DISC and music echo entitled BEEFHEART, HAMBURGERS, HANG-UPS...

22 february 2018
by far the oldest one of the only three pictures known to cyberkind of the 4 may 1968 concert our captain gave at the FIRST INTERNATIONAL EUROPEAN POP FESTIVAL in rome, italy - it popped up twenty years ago - really needed a complete make-over...!
yes, you're right: that's heavy. because that also means that the make-over of the survey of LIVE PERFORMANCES now has reached the years 1969 and 1968!
16 february 2018

above and below you see don van vliet in action in the early 1970s, all dealing with today's updates. the picture upper left was added to A DAY IN THE LIFE, the last interview / story i had to re-style for the new 1945-71 section of the HISTORY chapter. the shot was taken during the famous 'lick my decals off, baby' promo tour in early '71 which gave many MAGAZINES THAT YEAR a lot to write about - and some readers a captain beefheart cover page too. the upper right live image belongs to one of the earlier 'decals' CONCERTS the band did in 1970 (renewed list).


12 february 2018
next small step in the CONCERTS overview: the years 1971 and 1972 in accordance with the latest knowledge.
also made visible which line up played which gigs...


6 february 2018

in 1970, when 'lick my decals off, baby' was rehearsed and released, captain beefheart regularly appeared on the cover of MAGAZINES. he even made his first appearance on a 'rolling stone'!

4 february 2018
where everybody (that's just me, but who cares?) is very happy with the new web host which isn't torturing me with unbearably slow procedures to replace or add items. and to that, there's also an incredible amount of cyberspace available now!
of course, we want to celebrate that glorious fact and the bright future with you...

first, there is a necessary addition to the short CAPT. BEEFHEART piece from the ROCK BEYOND WOODSTOCK book. for the text had been taken from a photocopy of such low quality the accompanying picture had to be left out. but recently i obtained an original issue, so i like to show you that unique PHOTO.

next is a special party good: an exclusive brainstorm with the captain, a few months after the release of 'trout mask replica'. the extensive interrogation seems to have been meant as press information by the record company, 'straight records', but ended somewhere in frank zappa's drawers. and despite later efforts by several other label representatives, the INTERVIEW was NEVER PUBLISHED in any public magazine. maybe because the title is simply THE CAPTAIN...?


29 january 2018

captain beefheart revised concert chapter
oh, oh, folks, that was a lot of thinking what the best form of the revised CONCERTS chapter would be, also considering the way in which the loads of background information should be presented later on.... but the starting idea was to make separate lists for each year, and i'm glad that the easy half of the changes is done: all captain beefheart's stage appearances from 1973 through 1981.

click clack back to the power station

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