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bootleg single [UNKNOWN TITLE]
usa? 198? [label and unknown] white and green swirl vinyl black and white picture sleeve
[time unknown]


here is some incomplete information about a mysterious single spotted in england by a tourist. mind that it is a 'heard from' story, but there are good reasons to believe it. because, besides alternate versions of released material from any time of beefheart's career, there are known a lot of UNFINISHED / UNUSED TRACKS.

practically all of them date from the late 1971 / early '72 studio sessions for the spotlight kid. for example, the double bootleg elpee 'another chapter from the lives and times of captain beefheart' contains as many as tÚn left-outs, and the 'i'm not even here, i just stick around for my friends' boot has four. almost half of the examples are instrumentals, but some of the other material really is kind of ready for release.

and indeed that happened - often in a re-worked version - with such songs as 'dirty blue gene', a retitled 'drink paint run run' (both on 1980's 'doc at the radar station') and 'sun zoom spark' ('clear spot', late 1972). but other convincing entries to the discussion which tracks are on the unidentified 7", are the improvisations generally known as 'scratch my back' and 'key to the highway'.

and what about the two bonus tracks from 'the beefheart archives' which were added to a german ceedee re-release of 'mirror man' as well as the dutch album combination 'mirror man / safe as milk (two original albums on cd)' (see other works of the discography)? you'll probably agree that 'little scratch' and 'funeral hill #1' would make a charming single, don't you?

as long as we don't know any more details than '2 euclid  m. pleasant' (thanks!):

i just learned of a 7" beefheart on colored vinyl that has two outtakes from 'the spotlight kid' or 'clear spot' (i can not recall which). my brother saw it at a shop in london and told me about it when he returned. all he remembered was it had a paper fold over black and white picture sleeve and it was on white and green swirl colored vinyl.



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